PK Coding Read Alouds

One of my favorite PreK units is teaching them about coding.  This is when I first teach them about the concept of coding.  What exactly is coding?  That is the question we answer throughout the unit. We spend a lot of time understanding the coder - computer relationship.  At the beginning, I am their programmer and they are my computers following each piece of code I give them.  As I am introducing them to the concept of coding, I typically break up our thirty-five minute Library Media block into three sections:
  1. Read Aloud or Energizer
  2. Academic Choice Centers
  3. Circulation

This is my second go at teaching the concept of coding to PreK students and I have curated a decent group of books that let me 'code' my students.  I read the book aloud and they have to do what the book says.  They love it!  I am in the process of revising the unit with all of the activities I do to scaffold coding for my PreK students.  When it is complete, I will share it out! The end goal of the unit is for some of them, the ones that are ready, to code our Code & Go Mouse and Scratch Jr. 


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