Jeopardy Labs

Do you want to create a Jeopardy game that is NOT a PowerPoint?  Check out Jeopardy LabsAmy Bansak created this awesome Jeopardy Game for our Learner Led Libraries!  Please feel free to clone and edit it to meet your needs.  I used it with my 2nd - 5th graders this week as a way to ease back into the school routine after the winter break.  She used it with her 3rd and 4th graders.  We had just as much fun watching them play the game as they did playing it!

I may not have mentioned this in the actual video...BUT  here are some great tips for facilitating the game.
  • Model how to make a question for the answer
  • Have a high expectation for good sportsmanship; also a great way to connect what they learn in PE.  Some kids actually had to take a break to help them reset their sportsmanship skills.
  • Have a squirmy kiddo or one that needs to be in the spotlight?  Have them control the game, and/or signal when time is up.  


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