I will be up front and say that this is not one of my best put together videos. And you may notice that my hair is longer?   Well...I have been intending to put this video together for about 6 months and since then, some of the video clips have gone missing.  I had some GREAT clips of the kids sharing their tribal dances.  And well, now I don't.  Let me just say that the summer got the best of me.  BUT...I couldn't keep Empatico a well kept secret any longer.  I just had to share!  The video below shares some of my initial thoughts and some pix of the kids video chatting with our partner classrooms.  

Let me share some great things about Empatico that I may not have mentioned in the video:
  • easy sign up
  • you will most likely be matched within 24 hours
  • lesson & materials are created for you
  • video chat happens within a click
  • asynchronous options to connect
  • FREE
I am currently working on connecting one of my 1st grade classrooms asynchronously with a new partner classroom and I will share about that experience after it happens! 


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