Checkout My TPT Store!!!

Wow!  I am super excited to officially unveil my Teachers Pay Teachers Store! First, let me say that this would not have happened without Amy!  It was her idea and took her about an hour via text to convince me 😀.   By the end of that day I had the store opened and about a dozen items posted.  Let me tell you how much fun it has been opening the store, finalizing lessons and posters, and creating thumbnails for the items!  I am still working on a few thumbnails and now that these will get better with time.

Something that I forgot to say in the video above is that I don't necessarily make pretty products, and that is one reason why I hadn't created a store in the past.  It is also why most of what I have in my store are lessons and units.  About that...I write them for my brain and recognize that may not transfer well.  Anything that you have a question on, let me know and this just may lead me to revising what is on there!  I hope that you and your students enjoy what I have created!


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