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If you are like most parents and educators I talk to; concerned about children's excessive technology and social media use, then you NEED to join GoBubble!

Excessive social networking is a legitimate concern.  We worry about what children are posting, who is viewing their posts, and how others are treating them online.  Despite these concerns, children as young as eight have their own Instagram, Snapchat, and accounts; making it more important than ever to embrace social media. Yet, social media platforms can be difficult and intimidating spaces to monitor and most social networks are blocked in schools.  All of this makes it difficult to authentically teach social media skills in a school setting.

GoBubble is a social network designed specifically for children under the age of 13 to use in school.  Children can post text, images, videos and upload work created in other apps to safely share them with other children in other classrooms around the world.   See why he loves GoBubble and she does too! My kiddos love it because it is like using Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat AND because they know it was developed with children their age in mind.  They love that; it makes them feel really important.

Here is why I love it:

  • FREE
  • EASY sign up and class set up
  • QUICK student login
  • FILTERS all negative content, including emojis and images
  • GLOBAL connections
  • DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP can be explicitly and authentically taught
Head on over to GoBubble to set up your class and join one of the groups!  Then, get your kiddos posting!  They will love it and so will you!  

While I am a GoBubble Ambassador, these opinions are my own.  I look forward to seeing you there!


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