GoBubble Tips

This week, my GoBubble Bestie, Linda Edwards and I are sharing some of our top tips as you get started with GoBubble.  Because let's be honest; using a new app or tool can be intimidating.  As you begin to use GoBubble, we want it to be as easy as possible.

  • Use the Student QR Codes.  Logging in with the QR Codes is just easier and quicker.  While there is value in learning to login with a username and password as well as storing and remembering a variety of passwords...efficiency rules when it comes to logins and young children.
  • Show them how to add a bubble in the app itself as well as uploading a creation from other apps that saved to the camera roll.  Chatterpix, 3D Bear, Comiclife, Popplet, PicCollage and more are all great for this!  In GoBubble, the spot to post is at the bottom of the page.  
  • Help them craft clear and kind bubbles.  This can take time but it's an important first step to helping our kiddos understand the concept of branding.  GoBubble's Resources has really clear directions for some of the groups.  Don't recreate the wheel, and use them!  Print a few out and pop them on tables for students to reference and/or project it.   You may even model for the students what a clear bubble looks like so they really understand YOUR expectations.  Plus, they love seeing what their teacher posts!  This can take 1 - 5 minutes depending on what you are teaching them to do.
  • Provide time limits.  Young kiddos need a lot of help and guidance staying on task and completing work in a timely manner. This is even more necessary when they are creating and posting in a social network.  Provide them with time limits, use visual timers, and hold them accountable for their work!
  • Teach them how to reply to someone else's bubble!  It feels good to leave someone else feedback.  Our older students can definitely dig deep and go beyond clicking the heart to like a bubble.  They can ask questions, leave positive comments, or provide constructive feedback.  
  • Help them navigate the app.  Most young children are unfamiliar with menus and how to use them.  This is a quick teach; around a minute.
  • Teach them the importance of logging out of their account.  Especially if they are using a shared device.  They also need to be taught how to physically logout, most young children don't know about the settings icon.  You may need to teach this a few times (it takes around 3 minutes) deepening on the age, but they will get there!


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