Spring Book Fair

I am so excited to debut my first vlog on my vr2ltch Youtube channel!

Our spring Bookfair arrived Tuesday morning and then we got a nor’easter that cancelled school for two days! Our PTO was going to set the fair up last night, but school was cancelled. Luckily, on Tuesday when the fair arrived our awesome behavior interventionists help move furniture and position the cases. This is a huge part of our set up because oh how we like to move our kiddos through the fair. (A fabulous idea from the same interventionists!)

With that big chunk out of the way, I was able to get a couple of student volunteers help me move some chairs out of the way and get the tablecloths set out. Our literacy coach came down and helped get books out. And then my Friday volunteer helped set up the rest! It was a great collaborative effort and I’m so lucky for all that help.

Check out my first YouTube video that shows the end result of this awesome work!


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