Seesaw at the Book Fair

We started using Seesaw school wide this past September and I am always looking for ways to use Seesaw in the library!  One way that I love, love, love using Seesaw in the library is during the book fair.  Our PreK - 3rd grade students bring their classroom iPads to library and take pictures of all the books they wish for from the fair.  This is a great opportunity for EVERYONE to participate in the book fair.  Some students may be buying books and others are creating the wish list for when they can purchase books with their parents during their student - led conferences.

PreK & Kinder are still learning how to independently use Seesaw and most of them are partnered up so that they can help each other out.  Our PreK classes are mixed age & we try to partner up the PreK4 year olds with the PreK3 year olds to help each other out.  They so love helping each other and taking pictures of books.  The excitement is spectacular and I have so much fun watching them.  Sometimes...I can even convince a few 2nd & 3rd graders to come down and help the littles out.  Even more fun to watch!

The 4th & 5th graders use chrome books and I don't have enough iPads in the library for them to do this quite so efficiently.  So...they create good old fashioned paper wishlists.  Just as effective!

Check out how much fun they have making their wishlists!

I blurred their faces in this video because while I have permission to use some of their images for school purposes, I don't necessarily have permission to use it elsewhere.  I want to protect & honor their privacy.


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