Texting Toddler

My three year old is quite the YouTube fan and he likes to leave comments on his favorite YouTube videos.  First, his comments consist of a large collection of animal emojis.  Second, the YouTube account he is logged in as is mine and he hasn't figured out how to click submit to get them to post.  While sitting on the floor watching YouTube he turned to me and said that he wanted to send me a letter.

So...he crawled up next to me on the couch, we open up iMessage & he started texting me.  Lines and lines of animals!  Shortly thereafter, he switched to letters.  What is cool is that he has figured out that emojis represent written language and is used to communicate with others.

I'd like him to have a safe place to try out language and communicating with others online.  I would also like to encourage his interest in written communication and visual literacy.  So what's next?   To set up the iPad that he solely uses with his own iTunes account.  This will give him the ability to send messages (write letters) to his father and I.  I cannot wait to see how his written language grows!


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