Sunday, December 31, 2017

It's Been a Year

Wow....It has been one year (and a day) since I've last blogged.  I went from a fairly regular edtech blogger to practically non-existent.  A lot has happened in that year.  Indulge me as I dive into what may feel like one of those Christmas cards you get from a friend that shares what has been going on the past year.

  • I changed careers.  Again.  After leaving the classroom, I became a full time Responsive Classroom Consultant, then I stopped that to figure out what I wanted to be when I grow up.  Turns out, a former colleague was kind enough to provide me with some experiences and advice that led me to becoming a Library Media Specialist.  
  • This Tuesday, will be my one year anniversary as a Library Media Specialist!  I really enjoy what I do, the school that I work in, and the staff and students I have the privilege of working with every day.  
  • I have been trying to perfect my craft.  I don't know...for me this is tricky because I don't know if I'll ever feel like I can't grow in some area.  However, I have been attending webinars and workshops, listening to podcasts, reading blogs and books, and constantly engaging in reflection with my teacher roommate (I am fortunate to share an office with an incredible Literacy Coach).  
  • My younger sister and I have begun an author / illustrator adventure.  I have wanted to write for as long as I can remember.  For a while I was planning on writing a book about using social media in the elementary classroom.  Maybe someday I still will.  For now, she and I are writing children's books.  
  • I have been having fun with my toddler!  Now, I don't ever share anything about my child online.  Let me just say that it has been great fun watching my 3YO experience life and accomplish new things all of the time.  Like my dear friend says, every age is a great age because they each bring new and exciting experiences.
I know that I have said this before, but I am going to try and hold myself to this!  I am going to strive to blog on a more regular basis.  I'd like to say on a weekly basis, but it may be more realistic to shoot for bi-monthly or even monthly.  I have a lot to share!  I have reflections on classroom teacher vs special area, what I've accomplished in my new role in a short period of time, my aspirations and more ;).