Who Is Mrs. Mercier?

I was struggling to come up with something that the kiddos could do during my first week.  My first week in the media center has been structured to create a smooth transition to my new position.  I will have a substitute that first week so that I can input books that have been delivered and eagerly waiting to get on the shelves, become acquainted with the media center, and some other housekeeping items.  This means that I need sub plans, but they can't be something that would require me to have done prior teaching for the kiddos to be successful.  

I had searched Pinterest for some ideas of lessons for the first weeks in the library media center, and came across a fellow librarian's blog post on what she did her first day.  It may sound silly to search for lessons that could  take place during the first weeks in school when it is almost January.  But...for me, it will be like the first weeks of school.  I start my new position January 3rd, and the kiddos have not had the opportunity to borrow books yet.  So, I will have a lot of beginning of year things to teach.  Starting with...who am I?  

This seemed like a good place to start with a sub being in the media center for the first week.  My plan is to for the kiddos to predict what my favorite things are.  This will look different for the different ages.  For example K-2 will make their predictions as a class and chart them to see which were accurate.  Grades 3-5 will complete a graphic organizer with their predictions.  

After they predict, they get to watch a screencast that shares some of my favorite things.  Here's the thing, I just started creating the Keynote and then I wanted to include audio.  I wanted to narrate for the younger grades, and elaborate on some of the slides to make it a lot more personal.  Did you know that you can record your slideshow in Keynote?  Absolutely awesome!  In the end, while I do not enjoy listening to my voice (does anyone?), I am pleased with my first attempt at this!  I cannot wait for the kiddos to meet their new Library Media Specialist!


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