Exciting Adventures Ahead

As I am winding down in my current fifth grade position, I am gearing up for my future Library Media position. So much excitement and gratefulness at once.

I am quite grateful to have taught and learned from my current students. They joined me on an adventure filled with interactive digital notebooks, personalized learning, Mystery Skypes, and more. I am just sad that I didn't have the time to use social media, like twitter, with them.

As sad as I am to leave them, I am quite excited for what's ahead. I will be joining an IB school filled with dedicated teachers. My new colleagues and students are excited to have a dedicated Library Media Specialist. I am excited to get books in the hands of kiddos as try a lot. I have a lot of ideas that I'd like to implement and am curious to see which will come to fruition.

In the short term, I hope to get a makerspace started. I have not always been a huge believer in makerspaces. But a recent webinar changed my mind, and will now advocate for one.

I'd like to start formulating a plan for a school news show. One that lasts 5-10 minutes and captures exciting and positive things happening in our school and the communities at large.

In the long-term, I cannot wait to teach media literacy and research. I cannot wait to collaborate with colleagues and support the learning that's occurring in the classroom. I cannot wait to get kiddos excited about books and learning.


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