Saturday, November 5, 2016

Twitter Feeds My Soul

Twitter feeds my soul.

I have forgotten that.

Six years ago I joined Twitter.  I got on and started following other educators.  It is because of them that I quickly learned how to use Twitter in the #edchat community.  I learned how to tweet, retweet, DM, mention, and use a hashtag.

I learned that I have a voice.  Twitter provided me a space and place to share my educational ideas and questions.  I loved participating in #edchat, #4thchat, and #elemchat.  I knew that there were people there who were interested in what I had to say and what I was trying in my classroom.  Even if it failed.  Twitter was that safe place I could fail as an educator, receive constructive feedback, and improve my practice.

I also learned that I was not alone.  So often, as an alternative educator, it can feel lonely and unsafe.  Twitter had an entire professional community of fellow educators who were had similar beliefs and practices.   I learned a lot from those educators.  I expanded my ideas about discipline, technology integration, and education policy.

Then I left the classroom to become a consultant and felt like I didn't have anything to contribute to the Twitter community that I had become a fond member of.

Soon after I had a child and tried out revising my purpose for using Twitter.  Tweeting as a mom just felt icky to me.

Now that I am venturing back into the classroom, I have started to visit my Twitter feed again and follow even more innovative educators.  I have begun to tweet and RT again.  While I am consumed with teaching and earning a Library Media certificate, I enjoy those fleeting moments I get on Twitter.

I enjoy reading what others have tweeted.  It fills me to learn from others who color outside of the lines.  Just this morning I was able to steak a few minutes to scroll my feed and found some reflective posts about branding and flexible learning environments, and other thought provoking tweets.  This was the first time in quite a while that I've been able to do that.  My heart and face lifted from those few tweets.  I look forward to stealing more moments to do just that!