Sunday, July 3, 2016

Get a your Dream Job

My parents often tell this story about how I walked at six months. Walked. Never crawled. While my husband is in a constant state of disbelief around this fact, I however find it to be a pretty accurate representation of my personality. I go for it.

PBL? Absolutely! BYOD? Yup. Twitter with third graders? Why not. TED Talks with second graders? Sure. So when it comes time for me to make a professional move I'm all in.

So often I hear educators, new and seasoned to the profession, wishing they can do something else. If you are contemplating a move, consider the following:

1) Know when to leave. Are you leaving because you love what you do, but not the environment? Do you foresee unsound changes? Is the passion for teaching gone? Or perhaps, you see yourself doing something different.

2) A plan is unnecessary, but an idea of what you want to do is. I had a general idea of what I wanted to do and let that lead me. When I first left the classroom, I knew that I wanted to work with adults and sought out experiences that would provide me with that opportunity. I've left a few jobs without a plan, and it all ended up working out.

3) Be prepared to take something that is not your dream job. The dream job will come. Sometimes we have to take an alternative job that will lead us there. Having said that, if you something that is not your dream job, make sure you feel as is you are contributing to the environment and your goal.

4) No regrets. Everything, no matter how rotten, adds value. I have worked in two places that needed a lot of work. However, one of them allowed me a lot of freedom to experiment and make mistakes with impunity. The other helped me realize how I wanted to beat use my array of skills. They may have been tough places to work, but I gained a great deal from both.

5) Believe in yourself. This one can be hard. Especially if the interview calls are not coming in from or jobs are not being offered after stellar interviews. Know that there is a job for you that matches your needs and goals. Know that someone will see your value.

If you've ever thought of doing something different, are burnt out, or ready for the next level, go for it!