Friday, June 24, 2016

Dear Apple

Dear Apple,

I just recently purchased my first MacBook. Can I share how excited I am to have all of my devices be Apple devices? (Well...except for my watch.) it's nice to have things sync so seamlessly between devices and not have to worry about having Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive (all very useful) installed on every device I own.

I also love the immediate support that Apple provides as I stumble my way around the MacBook. Do you know how helpful your staff has been - teaching me how to use my iPad or iPhone as my Keynote remote? (Or when I couldn't figure out why my keynotes were not uploading?). Incredibly. As a consultant it is a dream to control my presentations from my iPad. From anywhere in the room. Roaming the audience. All while having quick easy access to my notes. (It really was a pain to have my notes on my iPad & carry a separate remote - I don't typically have pockets.)

Having shared all of that love, I do have one small request. I really NEED my keynote remote to...blackout my slide. My notes say when to blackout a slide. However, right now, if I'm across the room from my laptop I have to walk back to it. It disrupts the flow and is a bit distracting.

My suggestion? If I can exit the presentation just by clicking the 'X' in keynote on my iPad, I'd love something to click to blackout and return to slide just as easily. Perhaps a B? Maybe that could be included in the next iOS update? Or keynote update?