QR Treasure Hunts

Do you love QR Codes as much as I do?  QR Codes are like opening digital gifts.  You just don't know what's behind the code until you scan it.  And who doesn't like gifts!?!  I have seen my students' eyes light up when using QR Codes.

I have used QR Codes a few different ways over the years.
  • tell students what their morning work is
  • add information to informational books
  • share book trailers of books
  • invite students to listen to a story
  • share student work
  • share my contact information
I am truly excited about this new way to use QR Codes - Treasure Hunts!  I have used QR Codes for this before, but what I particularly like about this is that it takes care of a lot of leg work for me.  I also like that you can go back in to edit the questions and/or answers.

I will be introducing genre to my second grade library friends over the next month.  When we finish this exploration I wanted a fun way for them to show what they know about genre - a Treasure Hunt (aka Scavenger Hunt).  And I just so happened to stumble upon this QR Code Treasure Hunt generator on Pinterest!  What an even more fun way to practice genre!

I created some cute genre clues in rhyme in a Google Doc.  I also included the answers.  It's important that you type them in the format requested: Q*A.  Example: What is the tallest mountain?*Mount Everest.  Then, I copied everything in the Google Doc and pasted it into the QR Code Treasure Hunt generator.  It created QR Codes for each question, I printed them & my genre treasure hunt is created!

I am so excited to use this QR Code Treasure Hunt!  When we are done exploring the genres, I will post the QR Codes around the library.  The students will scan them to read the clue and walk around the library to find the answer and next question.  I will definitely post pix, but that won't be until January!


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