Friday, September 4, 2015

I Run On...

Parched. Nauseous. Exhausted. In a fog. So very much like a hangover. And yet, not a hangover. I was wiped out from a week of work and altered routines.

Despite that rotten feeling, I learned what keeps me running - and it ain't Dunkin.

* Water - I typically drink 12+ cups of water a day. That doesn't include any tea or smoothies I may also drink. I need that, and sometimes more, when I'm working (or sleeping) in air conditioning.

* Exercise - I run at least 6x a week and strength train at least 3. This goes a long way in keeping me fueled with energy for the day. Not working out for 5 days zapped my energy.

* Fresh Air - I run outside. When I work from home I often work on my deck. In other words, I get loads of fresh air every day. Fresh air makes me feel energized; even when it's HHH here in CT.

* Sunshine - The sun provides this essential vitamin, vitamin D. Sure I take supplements. FYI, taking supplements doesn't mean you can eliminate the real thing. There's just something about the sun that makes me feel alive, awake, and alert.

At least now I know for certain what keeps me running and feeling healthy. What keeps you going?