Design for Learning

I was reading this Edutopia piece about insight and outsight when this term struck me: Design for Learning.

The author, Pam Moran, says, "Create opportunities to design for learning, not plan for teaching."

Let's think about that for a moment.

The whole point of education is to help kiddos learn. When learning is the focus a few things happen.
- Competition amongst educators is non-existent.
- Creativity and risk-taking are not just valued but expected.
- Teaching is less about the cool tool to use and more about meeting student needs.

That one term helped me see that while I did (at times) design for learning. I also definitely planned for teaching. I tried to make lessons the best, most fun, better than what anyone else did. When I planned for teaching I was focused on building myself up. When I designed for learning, my students' needs were primary.

My challenge for you, whether you are an administrator leading professional development or a classroom teacher is to leave behind the planning and design for learning.


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