Saturday, March 14, 2015

Relax, You're on Vacation

I just returned from visiting my father in Florida. What. A. Relaxing. Trip. It wasn't the beach and pool time. It wasn't pontooning on the Tampa Bay. It wasn't the sunshine. Or even the 40th birthday celebration. Sure, all of these were definitely relaxing.

It was being disconnected.

My phone and tablet are my lifelines. They connect me to everything I need for work and family.

I can't say that I completely disconnected and left all of my devices at home. I did bring only my phone, though.

I can't say that I never used my phone. I used it to take pictures and share them with family. I read my daily blog and news subscriptions.

What made it possible for me to enjoy my vacation and keep my face out of my phone for most of my trip? I removed my work email.

Once upon a time I used to keep my work email on 24-7. Every vacation was spent replying to emails and eventually stressing about something I could do nothing about until my vacation was over.

I love my job and find it difficult not to work every day. To not return emails and phone calls, just tweak this presentation, or prepare for an upcoming consulting assignment. This is why it was so important to remove work email from my phone.

I needed to remain connected to my family. I needed to enjoy every moment. Every pool trip, dinner, morning walk. I needed to enjoy the zoo trip, spring training game, and early morning chats with my dad. I needed to be clear headed to make memories.

What do you do to unwind from work and truly enjoy your vacation?