Thursday, January 1, 2015

Be In

Have you ever been out with a few people when suddenly one leans over and whispers in another's ear?

What happens next? You're sitting there wondering...what was so funny? Or were they talking about me? And m if they weren't talking about me, then who were they talking about?

It's upsetting to be in the presence of whisperers. In the back of your head questioning, why wasn't I included? It's lonely.

Texting in front of others is exactly like whispering. The next time you text in the presence of others, ask yourself these questions:
- Is this an emergency? If you can honestly answer no, then it can wait until you leave your company.
- Is there any possible chance that the person / people I am with will think I am talking about them? While you can't possibly live in someone else's head, if you start texting while with someone there is a good possibility that they may think you are complaining about something to do with them. Their outfit, personality, how bored you are, etc. Even if you are not texting about them or you are, but saying kind things they'll never truly know. Your phone is your space.
- Will the person you are with feel unimportant? Most likely. There is nothing more soul crushing it says to someone, "I really don't want to spend time with you," then texting in their presence.

In the end texting in others' presence says more about the texter than the company they are with. It says: Look at me, I'm important because people want to talk to me.

The same applies to Facebook, Twitter, or even taking phone calls. Be in the present.