Adios, FB

This is something I have wanted to do for a great while.  For whatever reason I have not had the courage, and I've been making a great number of excuses to just keep on trucking on. But today, I have decided.  I am doing it. 

I am leaving Facebook. 

I've been telling myself that I stay on Facebook to keep up with my friends, family, and colleagues.  Honestly, I'd rather just text or call. Sure, I have family and friends scattered across the country. I just find something highly impersonal about the whole thing. Maybe it's mindlessly clicking the like button on posts and pictures just to let my friends and family know that I'm reading their posts. Maybe it's the ridiculously annoying notifications every time someone's friend makes a comment on a post I commented on. Or perhaps it's that I'm irritated that I now have to install yet another app - Facebook messenger - to give and receive private messages.  Hmmm...thanks, but I think that's what email and texting is for. Grrrr.  

Here's the thing, I feel obligated to check my Facebook feed first thing every morning.  Like it makes me a bad friend if I don't check my Facebook feed to see what's going on with everyone. I want to make sure my friends and family know that I care enough to see what's going on in their lives. And let me just say that me leaving Facebook in no way is a statement that I no longer care.  I still care. I'll be calling you, or texting you. It's just that I could really use that time to do other things.  Like perhaps wash my kitchen floor so when my son crawls on it his clothes don't act as the mop.  

Here's the other thing...Facebook just doesn't meet my needs any longer. At this point in my life, I have more mommy - like interests.  Twitter and Pinterest really do a better job at meeting those needs for me.  This does not mean that I think my FB mommy friends are useless to me.  It just means that I can be more specific on Twitter and Pinterest. I can search for items and specific topics to support my son's growth, chat with fellow work at home moms, listen to stay at home dads so I can have empathy for my husband, and indulge my hair and nail compulsion / obsession. 

One last thing.  Unlike a lot of other moms, I have chosen NOT to post about my son on Facebook.  No pictures.  No cute stories.   I understand why parents do this. I have chosen that I just want to protect my son's identity.  We do have a private space where we share pix and vids of his growth. Please make sure you use that to keep up to date on his growth. 

Does this mean I am ditching all social media?  Heck no!  
  • I'll still be blogging. As a matter of fact I'll be merging my blogs vr2ltch & vr2lmom, and I have three posts already scheduled to publish.  My goal and intent is to publish one post a week. If you happen to be interested in my thoughts and adventures, subscribe to this blog by clicking on the right.  
  • I will still be on Instagram(@vr2lmom). Feel free to follow me. Just be forewarned...I don't post too many pix. 
  • I will still be on twitter. I will be tweeting professionally @vr2tch and personally @vr2lmom  Know that these two twitter handles have two completely different purposes. @vr2ltch  my professional handle, is dedicated to #digcit, #edtech, & @resposniveclass tweets. @vr2lmom is dedicated to promoting this blog; sharing pins; & #breastfeeding, #babywearing, #SAHD, #WAHM, & #parenting tweets. 
  • I will also continue pinning.  As always, that will continue to be a blend of both professional and personal pins. 
I hope to continue seeing and chatting with you on my other networks. Until next time...


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