Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Niagra Falls

As I just finished up jotting about FL, I realized I hadn't shared Niagra Falls!  Holy smokes! 

Off to Buffalo I went. I figured that I should definitely go see the falls while there. I was happy to discover that it was just a 20 minute drive from my hotel. 

Everyone I know who has been to the falls, says that you have to see it from the Canadian side. I started on the American side, & took tons of pix! It was pretty cool, but difficult to get a decent view of them. 

I walked over to Canada because I was just itching to use my passport for the first time. The closer I got to Canada, the more breathtaking the view. 
There's definitely a much better view from the Canadian side! 

I'd argue that not only should you see the falls from the Canadian side, but you have to see them at night! 
I could've done without the carnival-ish feel to the Canadian side, but maybe if I'd been with other people I'd have felt more adventurous. I'm so glad that I got to see the falla during the daylight & evening!  It was like a full experience for me!