Monday, December 9, 2013


I can not believe that I forgot to post this trip!  In October (it's been a while) I had the opportunity to work in West Palm Beach with a fabulous new friend and colleague!  I arrived early in the afternoon and decided to enjoy some of that Florida sun!  While by the pool these little guys kept me company!

Later that evening, we headed out to dinner at Charlie's Crab.  If you happen to be in the West Palm Beach area, I highly recommend eating here.  Not only does it have a great view of the water, but the food & service are spectacular!  Our hotel made the reservation for us and when we arrived, we had personalized menus.  Not to mention the fabulous desert we had!  I wish I could remember what it was, especially because it was the first time I'd eaten it and it was simply delicious!

After West Palm, I trotted off to Miami to visit my dad & my youngest sister.  Does she not have an absolutely spectacular view from her apartment!?!  I truly felt like a Kardashian the minute I walked on to that property!  You can see that the beach has some great views of South Miami as well.

Speaking of South Miami & Kardashians...we drove down there (despite all the incessant horn honking) for an evening out.  We walked down to Dash, the Kardashian sisters' store.  I have to say it was definitely out of my price league!