Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fire Sale

It has been one school year since I left my classroom. I packed up my classroom stuff last spring and brought it home. Just in case.

But I absolutely love my job and don't foresee myself returning to the classroom. That, and I desperately need to make room for my office. So, now my once treasured classroom goodies are hitting the road. Well, kinda.

Some things are definitely making their way into the dumpster. Why I thought I would ever use partially used paints and half globs of clay, I'm not sure. So the are heading to the dump.

Everything else, though, is going up on eBay. Because quite honestly, I didn't know where else to post it. All of my books (and there are thousands), including class sets, are for sale. All microscopes, games/learning activities, manipulatives. It's all going.

Yes, they've all been pre-loved. But many of my classroom items are in really good shape. If they're not, they're meeting the dumpster. I hope that you take a quick peek at my eBay page, and buy what you like. I hope they bring your students as much joy as they brought mine.