Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Staten Island

I just left Staten Island. I was unable to walk around, even to a grocery. But, I enjoyed my ferry rides to and from the island as well as walk the grounds of the site I worked at.

On my way to the island I spied this lovely lady.

The schools I consulted for held their workshop at the Cultural Center (aka Snug Harbor). When I first contacted them, they highly recommended a walk around the grounds.

At first I thought that little guy was a statue on the bridge, but the closer I got, the more skittish he became.

On the way back to Penn I had a completely different view of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

While watching the scenery escape me, I was amazed at the difference of air quality. There was a factory or two on part of the island. It had this dull brownish haze lingering around it.

I thought I had pix of Manhattan from the ferry, but I just realized that I couldn't quite grab a clear shot without a pole or someone's head in it.