Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Go, Irish!

I'm pretty fortunate to be in Indiana again. This time I'm in South Bend.
As you know, one of my favorite things is to walk and wander to get a flavor of the place I'm consulting in.
Some of you may immediately think of the inspirational movie Rudy. Personally, not the reason why I wanted to visit there. I wanted to experience the architecture and beauty of the history.
I happen to be staying on Saint Mary's campus, a college associated with Notre Dame. Yesterday, dark and early I ran around the campus. The architecture was stunning and layout quit comfortable in its simplicity. Sorry, no pix.
Last night I went to Notre Dame to walk and then have dinner. Pix galore!

At first, I was disappointed by the amount of sports stadiums and complexes. Part of this was because the entrance I went in happened to be near the sports arenas. As you can see, even the architecture of these buildings is stunning.
As I continued to walk, I noticed the academic buildings. I was unaware of the science focus at Notre Dame. They had buildings dedicated to research, biology, chemistry, etc.

I happened to wear the wrong shoes. Lauren Conrad flip flops. Zero foot support by feet couldn't take it any longer and I had to cut my walk short.

I made up for it this morning with my run! I was able to enter through a little used entrance surrounded by the woods. It was great to see the parts of the cloud I couldn't make it to last night. I have to say that the architecture is lovely.