Are You Flipping?

Nope. Not your classroom. Your run. This is my new favorite thing! I recently went to Fleet Feet to buy a new pair of running sneaks & an extra pair of socks. After I cashed out I spied this beauty.

The FlipBelt (on the left).

I was using this water bottle hip carrier that I threw my phone, keys, etc in. But I found it annoying. It would always move around on me. And so I would tighten it, which led to a lot of discomfort. What a PITA.

I've used my FlipBelt (in purple, of course) a few times now while running and hiking. I love it! My big 'ol iPhone fits in a slit, and I had no problem jamming my hot mess of a key ring into it as well.

The FlipBelt comes in different sizes (& colors) & Fleet Feet encouraged me to try it on. It's important that it fits well otherwise it'll just fall off of your hips, & you can say buh-bye to your stuff. All you do is step into it, pull it up around your waist, & stuff.

If you have a loved one that is active this is the perfect accessory for them.


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