Saturday, July 27, 2013

Walkin' in Memphis

I was walkin' in Memphis.  Yup.  I was.  With ten(?) other lovely ladies.  We did a lot there.  Like eat.  Eat.  And eat.  There were a lot of highlights during this trip.  The food wasn't necessarily one of them.  Unless you count the Beauty Shop.  If you ever go to Memphis.  I highly recommend you eat there!  The salads are absolutely fantastic!  Not to mention the desserts!  I actually decided to live through some gluten and dairy pain to enjoy in a slice of coconut cake.  It was worth.  Every.  Bite. 

While in the King's hometown I did visit his home.  While not an Elvis fan before visiting his home, I was certainly more appreciative after leaving it.  One of the most touching things for me was seeing what was written about him on the headstone.  I have a ton more pictures of his clothing, house and cars, but didn't want to overdo it!
Who wouldn't want that said about them!?!

Hall of Records

Gates of Graceland

We also walked around on Beale Street which happened to be hosting a car show, and toured the area in a horse drawn carriage.  We got a bit of history about the town.  Like where a few infamous scenes of The Firm were filmed. 

Just give me my tiara already!

This fountain was in The Firm

So was this town square

We also saw the Duck Parade at the Peabody Hotel.  Everyday these ducks come down from their penthouse (yes, they have a penthouse!) to the fountain where they spend their day.  Promptly at 4:30(?) the Duck Master blows his whistle and out they march.  Out of the fountain.  Onto the red carpet.  That leads to the elevator.  That brings them back to their penthouse.