Monday, July 22, 2013


I am slightly changing the purpose of my blog.

I recently left the classroom to begin a new adventure with Responsive Classroom. I am thoroughly enjoying it; the opportunity to meet and work with a variety of educators across the country and touch the lives of millions of children through the work I'm doing.

I do have a variety of classroom related posts sitting in draft, and will get them posted. I also have a few posts ready to go related to apps that I use to keep me healthy, safe, and efficient that will get posted.

I'm finding that I am sending a gazillion emails and texts to my friends and family when I'm on the road. Whether it be of local food that I get to enjoy or a little bit of sight seeing when my work is done. It's pretty time consuming and hardly efficient.

While I still have a lot of classroom ideas left to share I will be using this space more to share with my friends and family in one place. I hope that you stay with me and follow my adventures, yet understand if you choose not to. When I do post about the classroom I will share it on -Twitter. Hope to chat with you there!