Friday, July 26, 2013

A Hiking We Will Go

If I have the opportunity to go for a hike, then I do.  Although hiking is quite a relative word for me.  I won't be hiking Everest or the Appalachian Trail any time soon.  Despite my lack of back woods expertise I do  enjoy a good venture to relax after a day of consulting. 

One day after training some pre-service teachers at Rowan University in New Jersey, I found this little trail.  It was pretty easy, but that's just how I like it!

This one is supposed to be a historical trail in White Plains, NY.  It was a little run down from hurricane Sandy, but still 'hikable'. 

Then while in Peterborough, NH I stopped on the way to climb Mt Monadnock.  I did pretty well.  Most of the way.  It got to the point where it was just rock.  Now there are some folks where this would just be like a stroll in the park for them.  But for me.  Well....I am not one for heights.  Just thinking back to it is making me nauseous.  

There should be a pheasant in there somewhere :)

Where I should've begun walking back.

View of the river from my hotel room (in my sweaty hiking clothes)
I got to a certain point where I just could not climb any higher. Yet, I was not crazy about going back down either.  Luckily, I met two kind young men who were walling to walk back down with me.  Lesson learned.