Friday, June 28, 2013

5 Ways to Lose Weight

This morning I was running on a treadmill that happened to be in front of a mirror.  Seeing myself workout is not something I like to do, but I caught a glimpse.  And then a question snuck into my head.  How did I get so dangerously heavy? 
I know exactly what happened.  I ate a lot.  More bad food than good.  I slept very little.  Which of course made me eat even more.  And I did not exercise.  My 5'4" frame expanded quite heftily. So much so that a friend of mine did  not even recognize me in a video. I grew 70 pounds overweight. 
My actual question...How did I change that? 
  • I eliminated the major stressor in my life.  Day in and day out I was in an environment that was toxic for me.  The stress was more than I could bear.  It affected my sleep; I was up all hours of the night unable to get or stay asleep. The lack of sleep threw off my eating patterns.  I fueled my days with immense amounts of caffeine, sugar, and fat.  The more fat and sugar I ate the more of it I wanted.  All that little sleep and great deal of sugar wore me out.  I barely had the energy to walk from the door to the couch.  So, I left that environment. Within a month I lost 8 pounds.
  • I began running.  I have always been a bit of an indoor girl. I was not on any sports teams in high school.  The most strenuous things I did were walking and yoga.  Not only did running require more from me, but at the time I was using two inhalers just to breathe through the day.  I downloaded a few running apps to build up my endurance and speed.  I've written about them here.  Now, I consider myself a runner and I look forward to running every day.  I still hit a yoga class and go for walks, but I feel my activity is much more balanced than what it used to be.
  • I slowly have been changing my diet.  First, I eliminated anything that was processed.  If it was in the frozen food department, came in a box or can it was not coming home with me.  I quickly stopped craving sugar and gained more energy.  From there I added more and more fruits, veggies, and water.  I use MyFitnessPal to track what goes into my mouth.  You can read more about that app here.  I also swapped out my caffeinated teas and sodas for herbal teas and infused water.  My skin has a healthy glow to it now!
  • I have become more informed about my auto-immune disorder.  I didn't realize that a lot of the foods that I had been previously eating were essentially poisoning my body.  I've eliminated gluten, dairy, most nuts, and a few other items that are bad news for my body.  I am sick TONS less now; I could count on a sinus infection about once every two to three months, have constant stomach pain, and a slew of other issues that are beginning to disappear.
This is difficult to admit, but there was a point where I could not see my feet.  I used to say that I didn't care, but that is just what I said.  Deep down I was deeply disturbed by how I looked and felt.  Although I still have weight to lose (my auto-immune condition makes it difficult for me to lose weight) I feel better.  I view situations like the objective person I used to be, instead of the bitter one I had become.  I have a few other apps that I have found helpful during this time and it is my plan to share those in this blog space.