3 Apps to Use During a Running Injury

It could really be worse, but I am having a great deal of difficulty not running.  It has been just shy of two weeks since I've run.  Just over three weeks since I injured myself.  Had my sneakers been replaced I may have been able to avoid this injury; exterior tendonitis (my foot).  Painful!  In between icing my swollen and bruised foot I have been trying to keep up healthy habits.

I know that I've chatted about the fabulousness of My Fitness Pal before, so I'll keep this brief.  While the running shoes have been on hiatus I've decided to tweak how I monitor my food intake.  I've recently changed the settings in MFP to help me increase the amount of protein I eat.  I love the daily pie chart that quickly shows me my achievements towards my goal. I am certainly more full than previously and aware of the amount of sugar I am taking in.

I typically follow my run with some weight training.  I have continued my weight lifting regiment despite my inability to run.  However, I was losing interest in the routine I had.  I discovered a number of apps that you can find here.  I have been using Fitness Builder.  The app is free.  It does cost $$$ to have an account, but I am currently in a 30 day trial membership.  I'll let you know the verdict after my 30 days ends. What I can tell you so far is that I really like this app!  It's like having a personal trainer in your pocket. I have customized four different workouts to work on 8 different body parts.  I really like that I can choose what type of weights I'm using, so I can continue working out at home.

Now that the weather is LOVELY I am determined to get outside more.  My bike will be making its appearance shortly, but I do enjoy a nature walk / hike.  This has led me to a new favorite app ~ All Trails.  This app lets me choose which activities I like to do (hiking, biking, kayaking, walking, cross-country skiing, etc.) and it will find trails in the area for me to enjoy those activities.  Even better is that I can search for activities in particular places.  Before getting in a car, boarding a plane or train I can type in my destination and it will show me all relevant trails.  I can also refine my search by level of difficulty and/or rating.  I can add trails into a wish list and then check in to them once I've completed them.  If I want, I can include a review.

At first, I thought that I would have to lay up and do nothing.  This was creating huge anxiety for me.  I love running.  Yet, these three apps have kept me motivated and feeling great!


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