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Last night I became obsessed with generating a QR Code that will add my contact info to someone's contacts when scanned.  There are a variety of web tools available to create QR Codes, and a variety of apps out there to create virtual business cards.  Each one I looked at didn't seem to have what I was looking for.  I found this some how in the App Store and then Googled it:  Universal QR Code Generator.  I tried a few out and this is the only one that provides the option to add the contact information into Contacts once scanned.  The others just let the information sit there.

This will come in handy when I present because I can just paste the image of the QR Code into my presentation tool and my participants can scan it into their phones.  Yippee!  The good news is that I can create different QR Code Vcards for different purposes because you can generate as many QR Codes as you like with this tool (it also does QRs for other stuff, too).  The sad news is that I can't edit the information.  

In my dream world, there would be an app or tool that would build in the best qualities of QR Codes and Vcards.  For example, I'd want something like snap.vu that allows you to edit the information behind the QR Code. Yet, I would also like something like Snap Dat that will allow you to customize the card; like with a picture.  And, then there are other apps that will update your information in other folks' phones when you update it on yours!  That would be an ideal app!!!


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