Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ninja Love

I have come to rely on my Ninja quite a bit since learning of my food afflictions. It has been my go-to piece of equipment when it comes to whipping up yummy and healthy smoothies, simmery soups, and now delist deserts! I have been experimenting with non dairy ice cream from a recipe my mom shared with me when I asked myself, "Is there a Ninja app?" Well, wouldn't you know it!?! There most certainly is! I quickly downloaded this bad boy to uncover all sorts of hidden gems.

I was quite pleased with the variety of recipes. You can see from this pic how user friendly this app is. Click on a category like desert, soups, apps and you will be brought to a list to choose from. I absolutely LOVE how the side includes pictures of each item. For me, a picture is necessary for a cookbook, and if a picture is absent the likelihood of me making that recipe is non existent. The ingredients and directions are conveniently listed and easy to scroll. You may notice that this particular recipe is cut off, but that is okay because you can just scroll up to see the remainder.

Some features of this FREE app:
* add recipes to your favorites for easy look up
* email a recipe to a friend
* share a recipe with the world on Facebook or Twitter
* nutrition info for every recipe
* a built in timer
* recipes for all Ninja products

I was excited to see some new ideas for soups and smoothies and will be trying them out. If, like me, you have food limitations here are some suggestions:
- Use avocado in place of banana. In a smoothie it adds the same creamy texture while providing you with healthy fat, double the potassium, & vitamins B and E.
- Use coconut flour in place of flour. You can swap a 1:1, but may not need to. Coconut flour has a different texture and is much more absorbent!
- Use coconut sugar in place of white or fake sugars, like Splenda. Another 1:1 swap. Know that coconut sugar is brown and may color your food accordingly.
- Use coconut, soy, or almond milk in place of milk. I use coconut milk for every recipe because I can not have cow, soy, or almond milk. The good news is that it has the same calories as skim milk if you use the unsweetened. Not to mention that it will help you fight infections.

My latest favorite is pineapple ice cream: 7 oz coconut milk, 1 heaping cup frozen pineapple (from Costco), and 1 tablespoon of coconut sugar. Although it calls for 1/4 cup of zero calorie sweetener, I want to taste the pineapple (not the sugar). Not to mention that the ice cream comes out better with less sugar. Even better news? Not only does it take 3 minutes or less to whip up, but it is made with all natural ingredients, and it makes enough for two people at 111 calories per serving. Although, I just eat both servings!