New Reason to ❤ GMail

Working on a project, I was confident that I had the necessary documents on my website.  Well, come to find out, whatever service I used is no longer storing it.  I thought I had it in Evernote (I now keep everything in Evernote).  No luck.  I was desperate and unfortunately the document is well over 2 years old, so I just wasn't sure if I would ever find it.  Well....I turned to GMail because I remembered emailing all of the information to a friend.  (Is that sad that I remember that from that long ago?)  

I clicked on Sent Mail, typed his name in the search box, and waited.  Eighty emails popped up.  I kept going back and back and back.  The entire time I thought that there would be no way that GMail would still have this two-year-old email on file.  And then I made it to the last page of emails in my search. 

It wasn't the last email, or in this case the first email I've ever sent him, but close enough.  I did a dance!  I am quite excited to have found it.  Or should I say relieved?  There are certainly things that I dislike about GMail, but this is definitely one reason to ❤ it!  It saves everything!  Unless you permanently delete it, that is. 


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