Have Cords, Must Travel

Packing for latest trip I was trying to figure out how to efficiently travel with all of my devices and their accompanying chords.  In the past they are popping out of my bag, shoved in to this pocket, that pocket, and are a big tangled mess.  It was quite comical each time I would try to throw on my ear buds, not recalling where exactly I last placed them. 

I was getting ready for my most recent trip (and planning accordingly for all future trips) when I figured there had to be a better way.  While cleaning out and re-packing out my tech travel bag I noticed an eye glass case that I had left there.  It is quite a case; black leather with a zip around.  I am now thankful that the gentleman at Lens Crafters insisted I take it with my new eye glass purchase. 
Looking at it and my array of chords laid out on the ottoman I got to thinking.  What if I used this case to hold my chords?  Well, it worked like a charm!  I was able to fit a lot in there!  My earbuds, iPad and iPhone charging chords, wifi hotspot chord, and  iDevice wall and phone chargers.  Each time I think I can not add one more thing in, voila!  It fits beautifully.  I even have a screen / eye glass cleaner in there!


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