Stamp It, ❤ It

A while ago I heard about this app, Red Stamp, from one of the blogs I subscribe to. I downloaded it, and forgot about it. Until this weekend.

The hubby and I happened to hole away in Maine when a snow storm occurred. While burrowing in the hotel room we stumbled across some postcards. We considered sending ourselves one that said, "Wish you were here!"

We did venture out into the storm and headed to town (and learned quite a bit about ice carving). During our brief frigid journey we snapped a few pix of the snow whipping around town.

We wanted to share the wintry view with our friends and family in a fun way. That's when I remembered that app, Red Stamp!

This app would actually be perfect for the classroom! Not only can you create invites for classroom events, but you could also send thank you cards for the thoughtful gifts you receive throughout the year.

The kiddos can use them as well! This app is perfect for young kiddos to create posters. I noticed how it would actually help them understand what makes a GOOD poster: a mix of images and text in JUST the right amount!

So often kiddos make posters and they either include too much text or too many pix. They also struggle with layout: centering, using standout font. How many times have you taught kiddos to use marker to outline their text or images so they look prominent? This app takes care of all of that!

Teaching kiddos how to multiply? Have them use the app to create a poster for a factor! Researching a topic in science or social studies? Quickly give the kiddos time to use Red Stamp to create a poster that share a few important details about it! Kiddos writing a story? This app is gray for creating picture book pages!

This app is particularly helpful for kiddos who have fine (or gross) motor difficulties. They can use a picture they have taken or found online. Also, if kiddos struggle with spelling the auto correct will help them out.

Have you had the chance to use Red Stamp with kiddos? What are some things you've used it for, and what was their reaction?


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