I Spy

As usual, trolling Pinterest has inspired.  Somehow, these non-classroom ideas (usually wedding related) spark a little idea of how to use them in the classroom.  This was the case the other night as I was heading to bed only after I scrolled to the end of a category.  Somewhere around 1 am I found this gem; a check list for guests to snap pix to help the bride and groom memorialize their happy day.

Before the weekend, I wrote about some other ways to use Instagram in the classroom.  And I think you could use those ideas here as well.  Think about it, what a great way to get parents focused on a school event.  Have them take pix of things like: kiddo singing their heart out, attentive audience member, or a helpful citizen.  I'm thinking there are additional ways to use this photo-op check-list to engage kiddos.

  • Open House?  Create a check-list with the kiddos of things they can show their parents in the classroom and/or school.  Invite them to use a mobile device, snap pix of them guiding their parents and post them to Twitter or Instagram with a hashtag.
  • Working on creating rules with the kiddos?  Give each kiddo a list of the class rules and hand them the task of finding examples of those rules being lived in and out of the classroom.  They can even post them to Twitter and Instagram with a hashtag!
  • I'm a HUGE fan of nature walks!  Teaching kiddos about ecosystems, adaptations, or local history?  Give them a check-list filled with clues of things to look for, partner them up with a camera, and let them click away.  (And of course, they can post to Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter!) This is a good one to work on 21st Century Skills!
  • Learning a new concept in math?  This could be a multi-layered assessment.  Have kiddos create their own clues for a topic like geometry.  Then they can swap those lists with someone else and then go on their way to see if they can find Kodak moments that solve the clues.  (Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter or anyone?)
  • This could also be a really fun 'All About Me' project!  Generate a list of things with the kiddos that they may want to share with others about themselves.  They can take that list home, choose a few to take pix of and share.  A great digital extension of this would be for them to use these items in their digital portfolio (if they keep a blog, website, or Pinterest page).  
As always, work with the kiddos on keeping themselves safe.  They are capable of making mistakes, but we can create guidelines and criteria that can work towards limiting those mistakes.  Any other ideas?


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