7 Reasons to Snap.vu

If you are using QR Codes in the classroom, snap.vu is perfect for organizing your miscellaneous codes.  If you are new to QR Codes in the classroom, snap.vu is perfect for organizing all of the QR Codes you will be creating!  It is a great tool to use when it comes to QR. There are a lot of QR Code creators out there.  I have tried quite a few of them, but this is my fave!  Why use snap.vu above all others?
  • It's free.  Enough said.
  • QR Codes are Quick Response.  Meaning when they are scanned, the scanner is quickly responded to with a surprise at the other end.  That surprise could be a message, picture, or URL.  snap.vu allows for all of that, including contact information.  Imagine that...someone scanning a QR and poof! they are brought to your contact info!  Variety is a good thing.
  • Once you've created the code, you can download an image of it.  Your choice: png, jpg.
  • You can download the code in other formats as well, include a PDF.
  • When the code generates and you print it out, not only is the code there, but so is a shortened link of the code.  This is perfect for classrooms that do not have devices to scan QR Codes and kiddos who don't have a QR Code reading device at home.
  • You can edit the codes.  Meaning, you can change the link or text behind it.  One year, I had QR Codes placed around the classroom that were used for morning work.  Some days they had links behind them.  Other days they had a picture or a message.  Instead of generating and printing a new code each day, all I had to do was edit it in snap.vu.
  • You can track how many times the code has been visited.  Really helpful if you have a code the kiddos can use at home and want to know if its even being used.  
This was originally 5 reasons to snap.vu but as you can see, I love the application so much that I had to go beyond that number!  You can read more about QR Codes here!


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