Who IS Mercier Magic?

Today was my last day teaching elementary kiddos.  Although I see myself still involved in education in a variety of ways.  I woke this morning with this odd dread: what will become of my website?  Although I have two blogs and two websites, so much of my identity has been intertwined with MercierMagic.  It was the first website I created.  Although it has seen major revisions over the years, the tri-lateral purpose of reaching parents, students, and fellow educators has never waivered.

Practically every account I have opened over the past seven years has been because it somehow benefited  the kiddos I taught.  I first began tweeting because of my students.  My online bookshelves, poster makers, and podcasting has all been for my students.  Even some of my GMail accounts!  Each of these things has become a piece of my portfolio and student scrapbook.   

Although I have known for some time that I would no longer be a classroom teacher, I have postponed thinking about these things.  Faced with the responsibility to reconsider the purpose of MercierMagic; as its purpose will have to change.  Does MercierMagic become obsolete?  Do I begin consolidating or transferring former classroom accounts to personal accounts?  I don't have it in my heart to cancel them because I know previous students visit the site and reminisce.  

These are decisions that have to be made, but not necessarily today.  And although I suspect MercierMagic will gain a slightly alternative purpose it will always be a part of me.  Today's sadness of letting that go is coupled with eagerness.  For change.  New adventures.  Inspiration.  Even with this slight sadness, I am eager for what is next!


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