5 Tech Basics Kiddos Need to Know

Not really being the one to spout back to basics, there are a few basic techie things that kiddos need to know. At a young age.
1) How to create, open, and save files. Whether it be pictures, documents, or presentations. This basic is helpful if they choose to use non web- or tablet based applications. Not everything needs to be done online or on an iPad.
2) This includes knowing the difference and benefits of 'save' and 'save as'. Should the create a whole new document after they've revised or replace it? This is an important writing and storage decision to make.
3) How to use web-based applications. They don't need to know how to use them all because once they've used one the rest have fairly similar login, saving, and sharing features.
4) know an app ad when you see it and how to ignore it. Even with today's kiddos who have grown up with a device in their hand, they still get into a panic when an ad pops up. They think someone is preying on them. And although ads are preying on their piggy banks, they confuse them with pedophiles.
5) What a URL is. I can not begin to tell you how many kiddos don't know what a URL is or where to type it. They are so used to clicking on links that have been provided for them or think they have to search it.
Sometimes we get so wrapped in the device or application, or so concerned with protecting them from the "big bad internet" that we forget to teach them a few computing basics. Basics that can be stored as background knowledge and applied to new situations. Otherwise we are sending them into a technological world as technologically illiterate.


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