Local Visits Matter

My sister has gotten me hooked on a local yoga studio. The woman whose classes I attend is the best instructor I have ever had in any physical activity. She has inspired my Yoga Tips for Teachers posts, and just on Christmas Eve recommended a local health shoppe.

I walked around the shoppe while I waited to speak to the owner. I am glad I did! I got more information from her in the ten minutes I spoke to her than in the five years I spent with my now absent endocrinologist. Having been diagnosed with an auto immune disorder about five or six years ago I walked out of her office unarmed. There was no conversation about what the diagnosis meant for me, how to live a healthy lifestyle in spite of the diagnosis. Instead I was pushed out the door with an ever changing prescription.

But leaving Erika's shoppe, I walked out with hope. These past years I have felt enslaved to my Hashimoto's diagnosis; left to guesswork and diet experimentation. Not only do I feel like I can do a few things myself to improve my overall health, I feel like I finally have the chance of obtaining a doctor who can help me better navigate this disease.

If you happen to live near Erika's shoppe I recommend you visit. Her goal is meting your needs and making you healthy. If you don't, I recommend you find a similar shoppe by you and visit it. There is nothing better than people dedicated to healthy living, and treating you like a human being that matters.


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