It's NOT the Textbook

People often confuse textbooks with teaching and learning. They think that if a textbook is present than teaching and learning are happening. Its not that you can't learn from a textbook. It's just that its not the only way to learn. It's important to remember that textbooks are resources!

Teaching can look like many things. We need to remember that the interactive learning structures we create for the children to participate in are what makes teaching. Structures such as Say Something, Carousel, Inside Outside Circle, or Jigsaw make us effective teachers. Can textbooks be used during these interactive structures? Absolutely!

It is through these structures that learning occurs. Structures like those listed above require kiddos to engage in conversation (a 21st Century Skill), making it about more than the textbook. Allowing kiddos to construct knowledge through these learning experiences. It is the combination of the textbook, and peer interaction that makes learning occur!


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