It's a Device

This is one of my favorite picture books.  I was browsing through my pins looking for a few videos when I was reminded of it. 

The techie in me loves how Jackass is trying to make sense of this archaic device called a book.  He is quite aware of how to scroll, blog, tweet, text.  I love it, Jackass is connected!

The life-long reader in me loves how he (spoiler alert) converts to a book lover in the end.  Heck, I take great pride in converting numerous non-readers into readers (my hubby included).  

The individualist in me also resents pieces of the book.  Jackass is much smaller than monkey; techies are to be looked down upon.  Monkey is so exasperated with Jackass; techies should expect non-techies to quickly lose their patience with them.  Jackass ditches his tech for the book; books are the only acceptable literacy tool.  

Is that what techies are supposed to do?  Ditch their devices for more traditional ones?  Will they only be accepted when they do?  Is literacy only books?  Reading & writing blogs are not acceptable literacy?  Tweeting & texting are not acceptable literacy?  Are books the only acceptable form of literacy? 

How about It's a Newspaper?  Or It's a Ball?  Couldn't books be written about the newspaper & nightly news being the only way to get news?  If you read the Huffington Post are you not reading the news?  Even if you are reading it through the app?  Is the only acceptable way to play games are with a ball?  If you are playing Mario Kart are you not playing with others?  Are the same skills not being used?

I suppose with all change there is a divide between those who want to cling to the old and those who embrace the new.  Why does either have to be the only way?


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