Apptastic Wardrobe

By no means do I consider myself a slave to fashion. I have always had my own style that may or may not go with current fashion trends. I have always had a fondness for Mary Janes, boots, chunky sweaters, vests, and dresses. My style pretty much consists of 'if I like it, I buy it & wear it.' I usually go on a 'shopping spree' twice a year, but lately I've been reeling in my spending and being even more choosy about my purchases. This can be really tricky, especially for a Pinterest junkie like myself.

So...what's a techie teacher to do when she needs to update her wardrobe, but doesn't want to spend the money? Well, there's an app (or two) for that worth the purchase. Stylebook & Closet. The only major difference between the two (that I've been able to figure out) is that Stylebook allows you to erase the background so that you can create those outfit collages that are popular on Pinterest.

With apps like these you can have a whole new wardrobe without spending a penny. Yes...Not. A. Cent. Just the act of going through your wardrobe to snap pix gets your fashion brain going on the endless possibilities. I have items that I realized I use in only one way, but since taking their picture I've realized they have other possibilities. Are there pieces I think I should purge? Yes. And I will (I think).

But these apps also allow you to create outfits, packing lists, and have a calendar in them so you know what you wore on particular days. What's nice about this is that they actually can tell you which pieces in your closet are not being worn! That brings a whole new meaning to closet cleaning!

I would be lax if I didn't mention Pinterest as a necessary app in all of this wardrobe re-purposing. Folks pin great ideas for outfits and have definitely helped me to see many of my pieces in a new way. I've just started a new board dedicated to outfits that I could easily do with pieces I currently own. I am excited!


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