5 Reasons To Vacate on a Vacation

Working with a small group two days before the holiday break one of my kiddos said the most thoughtful thing. We were working on an assessment (part 2) and they asked if I had corrected the first part yet. I told them no because we needed to complete the whole thing in order for me to assess it with the provided rubric. I told them I planned to get it done over the vacation. To which he implored, "Don't correct those over vacation! You need to rest and enjoy yourself. It's your vacation, too. We'll help you correct them when we get back." Pretty darn sweet, right?

I dutifully packed up the multitude of assessments we had completed right before the break; with every intention to assess them. However...they have stayed in that bag which has remained in the backseat of my car. As you can see I have taken the little guy's words to heart. Every time I attempt to walk to my car to retrieve that bag of papers I stop and think about what he said. I've decided that he's right. Was there a time I would spend my entire break working, planning, assessing? Yes. But...

Everyone needs a vacation. I am a workaholic. Have been since I began working at the age of fourteen. Can't help it. I think it's genetic as I come from a long line of workaholics on both sides of my family. However, everyone (especially workaholics) need a break that lasts longer than 2 days. Here's why my kiddo has a point:

1) We need to stay healthy. Especially if you are a new teacher! New teachers are more susceptible to the array of illnesses that spread around the classroom. Truly relaxing on a vacation (without working!) allows your body to reset.

2) Your friends and family miss you. I tell everyone I have a husband, but do I actually see him during the school year? Not much. I am so focused on the next day, the next week, next month in the classroom that I hardly get to speak to him when he's in the same room. And of course...my sisters, parents, grandparents and friends that I continuously put off during the school year like to actually spend time with me!

3) Your house needs to be cleaned. Really cleaned. Okay...I can not tell you how embarrassing this is (but I knowing not alone)...my housekeeping takes a back seat during the school year. I need a vacation to get the germies out! Especially so I can focus on number 1 above.

4) Girls just want to have fun. As do guys! Sometimes we forget, but we do have interests outside of the workplace. Vacations are a great time to recreationally read (I just read over 200 articles and blog posts that I have been saving for months!). I enjoy crocheting. And quite frankly...sitting my butt in front of the TV to be purely entertained. Also, if you focus on number 2 above you are bound to have fun!

5) Most importantly, you deserve it. We work hard. Every minute of every hour of every day of every week that we are with (and without) our kiddos. And if you are having a particularly difficult year, for whatever reason, you deserve it even more. Hard work deserves a rest. Even if its to NOT think, or make any decisions.

"All work and no play make Jack a dull boy." And we know what happened to Jack...he went crazy and attempted to murder his family. I know...dramatic...but I love The Shining and Jack Nicholson! I couldn't resist! I hope you took advantage of your vacation! This is the FIRST year I actually did and I'm loving it!


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