3 NEW Weebly Features I Adore

Now that I am in the maintain and upkeep stage of my websites, I go on them now and them to add new content or move things around.  It's only been a few days since my last login and there are already new features on Weebly!

Social Media Buttons, although not new, have been updated!  Before you could only include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and RSS.  You can now add Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, Email, and more!  One thing that would make me love this feature even more would be the ability to include multiple accounts for these things!

Search Bar!!!  If you are like me and have TONS of 'stuff' on your site then this can be handy for your visitors.  I just typed in a search for Math and absolutely everything and anything that was related came up.  With a click I was brought to the info.

I was always pleased to have a customizable footer, but it has now become even better (is it possible?) by allowing you to include social media buttons.  Ummm...social media buttons at the top & bottom?  I love it!  Not to mention that you can drag text, pictures, etc. there to make much more interactive & personal!!!

There are a few other new features that are nice as well.  Such as slideshow headers, HD Videos, larger video & file uploads, and embedded documents.  I will most likely use most of these features and am happy to have the option!

Those of you who have heard me talk about Weebly in the past you know I can be a bit pushy about it, but honestly if you want a website this is the tool for you!  They are incredibly user friendly and are always making updates based on user feedback.  Over the 5 or so years that I've used them, they have come a long way, baby!


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