If you had to teach kiddos how to write and didn't know a thing about writing,

Most likely you would learn anything you could about teaching writing.  You would read books.  Attend workshops.  Seek out advice from colleagues.  Request guidance and/or support from your school's literacy coach and/or administrator.  You would do anything you could to teach your students this valued curriculum piece.  Why would you do this? 
  • Your students need to learn how to write well.
  • Writing is part of the curriculum.
  • It is your responsibility to deliver the curriculum.
  • Writing is a valued part of literacy.
  • You want your students to write well so that they are effective communicators after they leave your classroom, your school, your district.
  • Writing is a life skill, one necessary to be successful in most professions and/or fields.
  • Writing is used in everyone's daily life.
When will the same respect be given to technology?


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