Steer Clear of Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is here (sigh). I suppose this post is more of a reminder for me than as a pep talk for anyone else. I always find it difficult to stick to my healthy ways during the holiday. Honestly, it ends up not being all of the cheesecake, cookies, or cannoli either. Instead it's all of the beverages available at holiday gatherings, even the non alcoholic ones are jam packed with calories. I mean, I just got (against my better judgment) a hot chocolate at Dunkin' and it was over 300 calories!

Oh boy! If ever a reminder was needed as to why to keep up healthy habits during the holidays...this is it.

  1. Drinking loads of water has had a positive effect on my skin.  It's clear.  It looks moisturized (before using moisturizer).  Some might even say it has a glow.
  2. My hair is super duper healthy looking.  Granted my hair has always been on the healthier side, but it looks strong, is growing well (even with this colder weather), has a smoothness to it, and is not breaking.  This is even for the portions of my hair that have been colored and highlighted.
  3. My clothes don't fit me.  And that's a good thing.  Healthy habits have helped me lose 18 pounds, and well over 15 inches.  This has really made clothes fit better and have forced me to even buy a couple of new ones.  
  4. I feel good.  Physically and mentally.  There is something to be said about regular exercise.  It truly does release negative energy; clears your head.  Gets you prepared for the day.   Not to mention it makes you feel strong.  Of course what you eat matters.  If I eat garbage (aka processed foods) I feel like garbage; my stomach hurts and I get into a foul mood to match the foul food.  
  5. I sleep well.  Healthy food and regular exercise helps with this.  But so does making sure that I get off of the computer at a decent hour, with enough time for my mind to quiet down before going to bed.  It also helps to make sure I pay attention to my body.  If I'm tired its time for me to go to bed ir take a nap.  
I know it's not as easy as it seems.  I have struggled with weight my entire life.  However, having spent some time experiencing the benefits if living healthy I know the positive effects.  They are worth more than the short term celebratory binging.  


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