iPads for Everyone!

In no way am I an Apple saleswoman. And if you had asked me a couple of years ago, I would have said don't bother with an iPad. However, that was because the iPad 1 was lacking a few key features; like picture, video, and audio recording. Since Apple has included these features I have completely changed my mind about iPads (or iPods for that matter) in the classroom. They are a vital educational tool.

If I were to choose between the tool I would recommend the iPad over the iPod. Mostly because of its size. But also because of the ability to consume content on it easier.  It is much easier to read an article or book on an iPad; the screen is larger and makes the words easier to read.  It is much easier to view videos on an iPad for the same reason.  Also, many educational video apps are only available for the iPad.  

Consumption is not the only reason to use iPads in the classroom.  In actuality if we are going to spend that much money on the things, we should be using them for more than consumption.  iPads make creating content so much easier.  Even for kiddos who have much smaller fingers than their teachers.  iPods are just too small for our fingers to accurately manipulate content that we are creating.  Yet, it can be equally as frustrating for our small finger kiddos.  The screen is just not large enough; even in landscape mode.  

Now I have seen my kiddos successfully create content on an iPod.  I have yet to see them create content on their Kindles or NOOKs.  And I have never seen a student bring in any other type of tablet.  I use my iPad more than any of my other devices.  I take it with me everywhere because of how portable it is.  It is easy to read articles, blog from, create books and movies, and more.  If it were up to me and I was playing Techie Santa, I'd get the latest and greatest iPad for all of my kiddos to use in the classroom.  It just makes the learning process easier. 


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